Mosquito-A disease carrier that harms humans

By | November 27, 2023

Mosquitoes are the insects having three pair of legs and a pair of wings that enable them to fly.Mosquitoes are disease carriers as they spread Malaria, Dengue and yellow Fever. Only the female Mosquitoes can spread diseases in human beings.

Female Anopheles Mosquito

Female Anopheles mosquitoes carry the parasite “plasmodium” causing malarira.

Female Aedes Mosquito

Female Aedes mosquitoes are the carriers of “dengue virus”causing dengue fever.

Geographical Distribution of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are most abunantly present in tropical and subtropical parts of the world e.g.Pakistan , India, sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Warm and humid climate is favourable for the surviral and rapid reproduction of mosquitoies.Temperature between 28*C to 35*C along with rains is the favourite of mosquitoes.Hot and dry climate of May and June with more than 40*C temperature Kills mosquitoes and reduces their population. Similarly, cold and dry climate of December. January,
and February with less than 15*C temperature also reduces their population.
In Pakistan , mosquitoes are more abundant in rainy season(july, Agust and September).

Identification of Aedes Mosquitoes

Anopheles mosquito spreads malaria fever.Itscolour is dark brown. White patches are not present on its body.It has white and black sports on Wings.its is smaller than Aedes in size.


All types of mosquitoes, feed upon flower juices to live.Female mosquitoes also feed upon the blood of man, mammals, and birds by biting and sucking.Male mosquitoes cannot feed upon blood of man, because biting parts are not present in their mouth.


Age of mosquitoes ranges from two to three weeks.

Biting Time

Aedes mosquito bites mostly in the early morning hours and in the evening till dusk.Anopheles mosquto bites mostly at night.

Aedes Mosquito

Aedes mosquitoes always live near human population.They hide in grass and leaves of  three during the day.They hide humid place within houses.They hide behind the curtains,cupboards,under beds, in bath rooms,stores and kitchens.
Breeding sites
Female Ades mosquito lays 50-300 eggs on the surface of pots, tin-containers, tyres,water storage tank, swamps,ponds, blocked drains, potted plants and also in rain water collected in three holes.

Life cycle

Its eggs are ovoid in shape, black in colour and float singly on the surface of water.It lay egg singly.

Anopheles Mosquito

Anopheles mosquitoes live in  vast areas near or away from the human population,They live near the stagnant water and hide in the grass, bushes and other vegetation during the day. They also conceal themselves in dark and humid places within the houses. They feed at night.
Breeding sites
Female Anopheles mosquito lays 40 to 100 eggs on the surface of dirty water found in ponds, drains and in slow runing streams.
Life cycle
its egg are spindle shaped and float singly on the surface of whater.

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