What is Antidole?Chemical&Physical.

By | January 3, 2024

Definition of antidote

1: a remedy to counteract the results of poison
wished the antidote for the snake’s venom
2: some thing that relieves, prevents, or counteracts
an antidote to boredom

Synonyms for antidote


corrective, curative, remedy, rectifier, remedy, healing, therapy

Examples of antidote in a sentence

 there’s no antidote to this poison. For him, racing bikes is a superb antidote to boredom.

First recognized use of antidote

fifteenth century, inside the meaning defined at feel 1

records and etymology for antidote

middle english antidot, from latin antidotum, from greek antidotos, from feminine of antidotos given as an antidote, from antididonai to give as an antidote, from anti- + didonai to give extra at date.

Extra definitions for antidote

Antidote noun

english language freshmen definition of antidote
: a substance that forestalls the harmful effects of a poison
: something that corrects or improves the horrific effects of some thing
see the whole definition for antidote within the english language novices dictionary.

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